Freiburg from its best side

Freiburg im Breisgau

If you want to discover the city of Freiburg and its history, the best way is to explore it on foot. The picturesque old townThe town hall, largely rebuilt in the historical style, tells the medieval history of Freiburg: from the two preserved town gates, St. Martin’s Gate and Schwabentor, through the fishermen’s and tanners’ quarter – affectionately called Little Venice by the people of Freiburg – to Augustinerplatz, where residents and guests cavort on balmy summer evenings, to the old town hall and, of course, the Freiburg Cathedral, the 800-year-old landmark of the city. From its top, on a clear day, visitors with a head for heights can see the entire Rhine Graben at their feet, bordered on one side by the Black Forest and on the other by the French Vosges Mountains.

The castle hill with a view over the city

An equally breathtaking view over the city and valley can be enjoyed from the Schlossberg – Freiburg’s local mountain, which can be reached in just a few steps from the city center. Here, proximity to the city and greenery are combined, just as the people of Freiburg love it so much about their city. Enough space for sunbathing and relaxing is also offered by the city park and the numerous smaller parks as well as the banks of the Dreisam. Hikers and nature lovers who prefer to explore the surrounding countryside can get out of the city and into the countryside in no time.

Shopping in Freiburg

Shopping enthusiasts will find the big chains on Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse – known to Freiburgers as Kajo for short, which stretches from Holzmarkt below Martinstor up to the Victory Monument once across the city center. Smaller stores, arts and crafts, and cafes and restaurants can be found in Fischer- and Gerberau, through which small waterways still ripple. If you’re looking for culinary delights, you’re sure to find them at Freiburg’s large cathedral market – or in the market hall. Somewhat hidden around the corner from Schwabentor, it offers stalls with offerings of different types and cultures.

Culture on the run

Last but not least, Freiburg also has several museums to offer – from city history to natural history and modern art. The Theater Freiburg has an ongoing three-division program, and smaller theaters such as the Theater im Marienbad also offer ongoing programs.

Wherever visitors go, they are accompanied almost everywhere in the city by Freiburg’s small streams, which are as inconspicuous as they are characteristic of the cityscape.

But beware: If you accidentally stumble into a Freiburger Bächle, you will marry a Freiburger or a Freiburgerin. At least that’s what the people of Freiburg say…

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