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Europa-Park Rust – Thrills at world level

Theme Park Europa-Park Rust

July 1975 in Rust, southern Baden: Franz Mack and his son Roland sketch out their vision for Europa-Park in the evening in the pub with a few pencil strokes on a beer mat. Today, Europa-Park is Germany’s most popular theme park, attracting nearly 5.5 million visitors a year. If you are looking for entertaining entertainment and thrills, this is the place to be – no matter if you are big or small.

There are more than 100 attractions in the 15 themed areas modeled after European countries. First and foremost, some of the world’s most daredevil roller coasters like the Silverstar. Hardly any is higher and faster. Or the Voletarium, Europe’s largest flying theater. With the hyper-realistic flight simulator, passengers fly for around four minutes over iconic places and landscapes in Europe – to St. Mark’s Square in Venice, for example, or to the Matterhorn. Really freaky: Virtual reality goggles on the roller coaster. The concept is a world first and was introduced at Europa-Park in 2017. Definitely try it out!

As a designated destination for the whole family, Europa-Park naturally also offers a huge range of attractions and activities to its younger visitors and all those who want to take it a little easier. The little ones could spend half the day with the inconspicuous water games alone. Not to mention the diverse themed worlds to discover. For example, explore Jim Knopf’s Lummerland in the steam locomotive Emma or ride through Grimm’s Fairytale Forest. Children up to 3 years have free admission. By the way: Every day there is also a total of 23 hours of show program, which also has something to offer for all ages and interests.

Roller coasters, attractions and thrills

Diversity in abundance, that is. Therefore: In order to avoid being overwhelmed by stimuli, it is better to limit your visit to a few subject areas – or simply stay longer. After all, with 4,500 beds in five four-star themed hotels, Europa-Park has the largest contiguous hotel landscape in Germany – including wellness, spa and Michelin-starred gastronomy(Ammolite restaurant in the Bell Rock hotel). The extraordinary: Where other amusement parks come up with clumsy papier-mâché and clichés at every turn, Europa-Park stands out extremely positively with authentic props and its detail-loving design.

Tip: If you can, avoid visiting on weekends. Especially in summer, large crowds of visitors flock to the park early in the morning. This can lead to long waiting times. During the week and outside the vacations it is much quieter.

Opening hours

Summer: 9 am – 6 pm (24.03.2018 – 04.11.2018)
Winter: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. (Nov. 24, 2018 – Jan. 6, 2018* + Jan. 12 & 13, 2019) *24. & 25.12.2018 closed

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