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The advantages of charter flights? Sun Clear. They offer the greatest possible flexibility and the best possible individual service. Charter customers travel according to their own schedule, even spontaneous changes can be accommodated and smaller regional airports can be served – such as Baden-Airpark, from where ACM Air Charter has been taking its customers to the destinations of their choice for more than 25 years – worldwide. Whether Berlin, London, New York, Zurich, Dubai, Shanghai or Cape Town. ACM serves destinations in Germany and Europe, but also regularly flies its long-haul jets to airports in Africa, Asia, North and South America.

In 2017, ACM fleet aircraft landed in 243 cities in 64 countries on six continents.

Originally started as a pure charter company, ACM now offers its customers a wide range of services that meet the needs of upscale business travelers far beyond transportation from A to B: from limousine services to personal security services to comprehensive travel planning. How to do it? “After we started ACM, we realized we could make life even easier for our customers,” says Thomas Minninger, ACM Air Charter co-founder. “Gee, we thought, our passengers would certainly enjoy an excellent shuttle service. So we bought our first S-Class. That’s where it all started.” That was in 2003.

ACM Air Charter

Today, ACM Air Charter is part of the same group of companies that also includes ELS Executive Limousine Service – one of four companies that are managed independently, but act flexibly as part of a group when needed. In addition to the classic airport shuttle, the company offers its customers a comprehensive service package – from a simple hotel pick-up to individual sightseeing with a driver-guide. This is also used by customers who travel only under high security conditions. To ensure that they can approach their journey in a relaxed manner, the certified security staff with many years of experience from the ISN International Security Network also part of the network.

Not to forget, the fourth company in the bunch: Scan Travel Services . The company, founded in Norway in 1987, is considered the inventor of the so-called seaman’s ticket, which was cheaper than the normal price due to the blocking of certain quotas and was thus particularly popular with seamen. From this, Scan Travel Services forged its own business segment: If you want to have your travel tailored to your individual needs, Scan Travel Services is the right choice.

Individual service from a single source

ELS Executive Limousine Service customers benefit from the wide range of services offered by our exclusive group of companies

Travel agency

For individual business travel, professional travel planning and maritime travel management.

Charter specialist

For individual private and business trips in your own jet.

Your security service provider

With a focus on Close Protection, Investigation, High Risk Management, Maritime Security and IT Security.

Limousine service

With exclusive chauffeur and shuttle service from the experienced professional.

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